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King Django
Roots and Culture
1998 Stubborn Records

A veteran from such bands as Skinnerbox and Stubborn All-Stars, Jeff "King Django" Baker explores his Jewishness on the album Roots and Culture. He sings familliar melodies such as Ya'aseh Shalom and Heveinu Shalom Aleichem as well as original ones. The rhythm is played on the off beat giving the music and groovy, head-knodding vibe. Fast horns punctuate several tracks as well as mellow acoustic guitars. King Django has performed his Roots and Culture material with The Klezmatics and has also performed with well known Jamaican musicians such as Lee "Scratch" Perry.

Shtikele is sung all in flawless Yiddish. Other songs are Hebrew. The last track, Slaughter is all in English and based on Baker’s own family experiences. Punctuated by a few short well placed bars of Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, the tale of a Nazi death camp survivor ends with an attack against would be perpetrators of today.

by King Django
Roots and Culture
1998 Stubborn Records

I want to tell you something about my grandfather
My grandfather was a concentration camp survivor
Taken from his home during the Second World War
Separated from his family wo the Nazi's murdered
Herded like an animal into a cattle car
What do they give them to eat, not even bread and water
Well quick to lick a shot pon a complainer
Little children taken away, separated from momma
Forced to live inna condition that would breed Cholera
How many of us dead in the gas chamber
Dead from Zyclon B or machine gun fire
Sufferi pain at the hands of an evil "doctor"
Through vivisection and torture with no anesthesia
Not as if an anaesthesia could have made better
Six million of us dead through this rein of terror
Make us dig our own graves and a kill we deh ya

Yes a demon army led by the devil Hitler
Want the "Aryan" race to rise and be the master
And they think to annihilate every other
They want to wipe us from the earth, in other words slaughter

Slaughter slaughter they want to slaughter us
Slaughter slaughter they tried to slaughter us
Slaughter slaughter watch how murderous

Ninety pounds, six foot, that a well maga
But a so my grandpa in 1944
Him just skin and bone when him sight the liberator
Troops sent from England, Russia and America
But still today the have the KKK
And the Nazi party in the US of A
The Aryan Nation, The White Aryan Resistance
And in Europe and in England
You’ve got the National Front and the British Movement
They’re evil, insane and very violent
We have to mash them down or we go down silent

So all around the world you see the racial slaughter
All around the world you see the tribal war
That's why the whole a we, we’ve got to stick together
Because divided we fall but united we conquer
Don’t think that this couldn't happen in America
KKK devil nowadays turn senator
We’re got to rise up and fight the oppressor
Don’t let the evil ones come into power

I could never forget
I could never forget
We must never forget
I will never forget

Never again
Never again
Never again
Never again

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