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Jerusalem is a Swedish Christian hard rock band that came out in the mid 1970's. They sing in English and Swedish. On the Prophet album they have a more U2 like sound. The song Next Year in Jerusalem has a slow beat punctuated by a piano and guitar solos without any crunching hard rock sounds. The singer uses a high vocal range and brings out the sadness of the lyrics very effectively.
Berlin '38 (Next Year In Jerusalem)
1994 R.E.X. Records

(Wish we never had to sing this song but we have to, 'cause we must never forget)

I was twenty-five
In Berlin '38
I had just bought a little store
And the war was close
Then I met her
Rebecca with her wonderful smile
And I was In love
And she was in love
The future was ours
We married soon
And Joseph and Sarah came
And we loved them so
Our dream came true

Clouds gathered dark
I couldn't understand it
I simply didn't see it,
I should have but I didn't

Under the star
My heart beats there
It was just because of the star
Next year
Next year in Jerusalem

And late one night I woke up
From the noise in the street
People were shouting
People were running in the stairs
They knocked on the door
And then they came rushing in
With guns and no compassion
They said you have to come
One suitcase and that's all
You must go now

We ran down the stairs
Joseph wasn't fast enough
They kicked him and he fell
And he was only three
I picked him up
And took him in my arms
They took us to the train
They packed us like cattle
Rebecca squeezed my hand she said
We must stay together
No matter what happens

How can I describe
Because when we arrived
They took Rebecca and the children aside
And we all cried
She looked at me
I'll never forget her eyes
She said I'll take care of the children
And then they were gone

Next year
Next year
In Jerusalem

We must not forget
We can never forget
Just because of the star
We must never forget

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