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From: shifra s
Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 10:00 AM

Thanks for a wonderful show. I enjoyed the medley at the end of today's show - what album was it from?
Thanks again.

From: Jane A
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2004 1:05 PM


How are you?
I heard about Sunday's haiku... and Ernie almost ran off the road when he heard it.

Peace out,


From: Sara
Subject: jewish music
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004

Hi my name is Sara and i would just like to say that i just found out about this jewish radio program and im soo happy! i love jewish music. some jewish music i listen to is subliminal, shalsheles, chevra, bluefringe... have you hear about the cd that is a fundraiser for israel? i highly recommend it!!!

From: Btz10
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004
Subject: (no subject)

Hi Everyone,

This is Batya. I want to say hi to Roni and Alan and Teddy and what's his name. They did an amazing job!
P.S I was at the radio station for half the time.

Your Friend,

FROM: chayared
DATE: Fri, 6 Feb 2004
SUBJECT: Re: [jewishcommunityradio] Dear listeners,

Dear Ben and Tzvi,
Thanks for the good work, I really enjoy the enthusiasm. Keep up the good work.
Chaya Wolf

From: King Django
Sent: Thursday, February 5, 2004
To: "Jewish Radio"
Subject: RE: concert in Cleveland

HEY BINYAMIN!!! nice to meet you there in Cleveland!!!!

Version City
PO BOX 5186

From: Basya Schechter
Sent: Thursday, March 4, 2004
To: "Jewish Radio" BR> Subject: Re: Pharaoh's Daughter

thanks for the interview, the show went really well, everyone who came upto me wished that there had been more people, but it was a reallynice evening. good luck on your jewish music search!

FROM: hopy67
DATE: Thu, 05 Feb 2004
SUBJECT: Re: [jewishcommunityradio] Dear listeners,


keep up the good work.

tel hai
chaim horwitz

Letter to the Editor
What a community should be
Cleveland Jewish News
December 19, 2002

I recently had the privilege of visiting Cleveland after not being back there for many years.

I felt proud to be in a community that, in my opinion, represents what a strong identifying Jewish community should be.

Ben Bresky, on his John Carroll University Sunday morning Israeli Radio show, afforded me the opportunity to address concerns about events that are taking place on campuses all over the country, related to Israel and our students and supporters.

Although the situation is serious, it's important young adults know that support groups like the Jewish Identity Center we established in Boulder are there for support, not only in word but in deed.

I encourage you all - young adults and adults alike - to become involved, to seek and speak the truth in this new generation of anti-Israel/Jewish propaganda.

Raz Telchai

Jewish Identity Center
Boulder, Colorado

A quick letter on behalf of my mother and myself to let you know weve appreciated listening to your program for the last two years. Even though we are not Jewish, the music caught our attention on Sunday mornings as we prepared breakfast and I cooked up something for my work week lunches.

Weve enjoyed listening to the books you read Letters to Yitz and The Deed. We also were interested in the news from Israel, the interview with David Zeev (Kol Yisrael Radio), and the Torah readings.

Some of the songs we have liked are listed below (We cant list them all because we dont know the language.) Show Me the Way by Dov Shurin, Spikey Apples by Dov Shurin, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, Man of Peace by Bob Dylan, Touched the Sky by Mashina, Rock of Ages, Berlin 38, Rivers of Babylon, My Zadee.

We listened with interest this morning to your taped interviews at the OSU Palestinian conference. You did a good job.

Ill close for now. We just wanted to let you know what 2 of your listeners thought about your program the last 2 yrs.

Twinsburg, Ohio
Nov. 17, 2003

Hi Ben and Tzvi

I had a great time on Thursday! Hope we could do it again!

Yeruchim Mann
January 2, 2004

RE: Yeshiva Boys Choir live

you guys are great! keep up the good work.

Louis Malcmacher DDS
31 Dec 2003

Great job guys. I am listening to you today at work while you are enjoying pizza at Izzi's.

Bob from Beachwood....

Tzvi- dont forget that CD that I won (R'Shlomo Carlebach.. or whatever.. or the Yeshiva Boys Choir.) Thanks

Matitia, Robert
December 26, 2003

Great show! Thanks for: 1) Visit and interviews at GSDS Rib Burnoff; 2) Live feed from Brooklyn Bagels.

Just talking about their bagels gets me excited about visiting them and checking out the selection. However, the ruach of the live interviews with the patrons and staff was terrific.

Hoping that you find a way to do more interviews at community events as well as live from businesses that serve the community.

I've got to believe that involving the community gets them listening to the show and you'll thereby go from strength to strength.

Though you're on but once a week, the ta'am that comes across via radio creates audience involvement in a major way.

William Jones
September 14, 2003

sorry for the delay.
leaving for Israel tomorrow.
thanx for the love and support.
Subliminal is actually doing the show in Tel Aviv with us.
should be great experience. Back around the 20th. keep in touch.
Peace - Remedy
May 6, 2003

Thanks for the review. Made my day -- or hour. chag sameach.
Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band

p.s. we're working on our third album. mostly comedy. will be out in the next year.
April 22, 2003

Subject: Your review The Alexandria Kleztet CD, 'Delusions of Klezmer'

Thank you for such a complimentary review, you may be sure that we will be passing it along to our listeners in our area....

Tim Jarvis
December 11, 2002

Subject: Re: Gideon Sword

thanks for the email you had me laughing out loud! i'm happy that we are getting our name out in clevland. we have a lot more material and a cd is in the works.

good Shabbos
November 28, 2003

I would like to congradulate you for a fine program you have produced today. The discussion between Dr. Plax and Dr. Epstein was very informative. I hope you will come up with more of such interesting discussions and interviews.
Stay well,
Max Edelman
November 11, 2001

Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2001 10:33 AM
Subject: RE: IMAM DAMRA - JCC Radio Exclusive - This Friday

Good for you on getting these interviews. Marc Freimuth
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 6:06 PM
Subject: hi from teapacks

thank u for playing teapacks on your radio show

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