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Never Again
Wu Tang Killa Bees
The Swarm Volume 1
1998 Priority Records

My own blood
Dragged through the mud
Perished in my heart
Still cherished and loved
Stripped of our pride
Everything we lived for
Families cried
There's no where to run to
No where to hide
Tossed to the side
Access denied
Six million died
For what

A man shot dead in his back
Helpless women and children
Under constant attack
For no reason
'Till the next season
And we're still bleeding
It's freezing
And men burn in hell
ASome for squeezing
No hope for a remedy
Nothing to believe
Moving targets who walk
With the star in their sleeve
Forever marked with a number
Tattooed to your body
Late night eyes closed
Clutched to my shottie
Having visions
Flashes of death camps and prisons
No provisions
Deceived by the devil's decisions
Forced into a slave
Death before dishonor
For those men who were brave
Shot and sent to their grave
Can't awaken
It's too late
Everything's been taken
I'm shaken
Family history the making

Never again
Shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Never again
Shall we sit and take orders
Stripped of our culture
Robbed of our name
Raped of our freedom
And thrown into the flames
Forced from our families
Taken from our homes
Pulled from our G-d
Then burned of our bones

Never again
Shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Never again Leave our sons and daughters
Stripped of our culture
Robbed of our name
Raped of our freedom
And thrown into the flames
Forced from our families
Taken from our homes
Pulled from our G-d
And everything we own

Some fled
through the rumors of wars
But most left were dead
Few escaped to the shores
With just one loaf of bread
Hold in for questioning
And vanished
Never to be seen again
I can't express the pain
That was felt in the train
To Auschwitz
Tears poured down like rain
Naked face to face
With the master race
Blood and David
My heart belongs to G-d
And stays sacred
Rabbis and priests
Disabled individuals
The poor the scholars
All labeled common criminals
Mass extermination
Total annihilation
Shipped into the ghetto
And prepared for liquidation
Tortured and starved
Innocent experiments
Stripped down and carved up
Or gassed to death
The last hour
I smelled the flowers
Flashbacks of family
Then sent to the showers
Powerless undressed
Women with babies
Held tight to their chest
Who would've guessed dying
Another life lost
Count the cost
Another body gas burned and tossed
In the Holocaust

The final solution
is now retribution
A Muslim and a Jew
Featuring RZA
Code: Red
2003 Musicrama U.S.

(excerpts) I heard a boy crying
Two kids dying
Young Israelis
They said the Palestinians were lying
Who's to blame
Set fire to your flame
They withheld the names
Of the Jews held in vain
Jump into a tank
In the far West Bank
There's violence on the Gaza Strip
Who's to thank
Babies crying
Life lost
Holocaust style
Bodies flying
Surprise and surround you
We run rings around you
Silver with the blue and white stars
Who we are
We unite
People alike
Strength comes in numbers
All ready to fight
Humanity's song for peace
There's war going on in the Middle East
Build destroy build the beast
Sharon and Arafat
Remedy counter-attack
What's The cure
Yo RZA where you at?

2003 Musicrama U.S.

Flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood
From the Earth's soil to the Heavens above
This is the story of Exodus

Through the eyes of Moses always remember what G-d told us
Hope he excepts us and pray that he holds us
Moses warned you to mom's last push
Sentence be to God by the great burning bush
A seed was planted the Earth enchanted
Fire carved stone laws Ten Commandments
Born with hands that helped man mold pyramids
Egyptian reign and slave man wife and kids
Pharaoh wont you let my people go
He said no
Pharaoh wont you let my people go
He said no
From a stab to a snake from wrath of ten plagues
Blood frogs lice creatures and epidemics
Boils hell darkness locust death of the first born
We moved on

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
The world travelers in God we trust Exodus

Oh G-d of Earth and altar our knees bent hear our cry
Our worldly rulers falter our people drift and die
There's nowhere to run to and there's nowhere to hide
No matter what you do to us we will survive
It was meant for us to be tested pondering
Thoughts manifested men sent wandering
Strangers in a strange land
Staff in hand
Only G-d is Hashem's command
Now horse and carriage
Cast the sea
Sing to G-d
In great victory
Pass over and split the sea
Now take my hands
And follow me

God we trust
2003 Musicrama U.S.

Like the calm before the storm
And it came without warning
An ordinary day in New York
Tuesday morning
9 1 1 in 2001
The greatest act of terrorism
Done with no gun
No who ever thought
That we'd ever get caught
With our noses in the air
And no real support
Right here in America
I was taught
That things ain't always
What you think you thought
Attack on America
Mass hysteria
And scarier
Worldwide watch your area
For everything you see
There's a price and a fee
In the land of the brave
And the home of the free
It only took one look
With no sign of the crook
Forever in the books
The day the Earth shook
Us against them
Forever no til then
And G-d bless the victims
And never again

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